Santa Fe
Monday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Parque Morelos
Saturday & Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


Santa Fe has 8 fields, take the toll-free road to Rosarito, it will be located behing “La Pajarita” mall passing “Residencial Verona”
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Parque Morales will be located in the Insurgentes Boulevard
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We recommend a minimum playing age of 8 years old. The most important is that the mask fits perfectly the player, can carry a marker and follow the rules.


At our facilities we have grills and shaded areas with tables. You can bring your own food and drinks, or order pizzas from Mama mia, Domino’s or Togginos and they can deliver the pizzas to our facilities.


We offer group discounts on Gotcha packages with 100 balls of paint when they are more than 10 players .

$1 USD off on rental package for groups of 10 players.

$2 USD off on rental package for groups of 15 players.

$3 USD off on rental package for groups of 20 players.

What is the difference between the GOTCHA package and the VIP package?

The amount of balls of paint that includes every packet since players normally play Gotcha approximately 2 hours and they will not fire more than 400 of paintballs during game day. The package includes 200 paintballs max with option to purchase additional if necessary.

This type of package is recommended for birthday parties.

VIP packages include 500 paintballs with option to buy extra paintballs if necessary.

What is a VIP Player?

They are players who normally use (fire) more than 400 paintballs during a game day.
This players bring their own marker, have their own equipment and pay only the fee to enter the field.

What does GOTCHA and VIP packages include?

All packages include:
• Entry to all the fields
• Mask
• Jacket
• Marker
• Unlimited Air
• Chest Protector, in the case of women and children under 12 years.
• Paintballs. That amount changes depending on the package.

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What is the difference between a private ground and a open group?

In open groups everybody can play and private groups only play member of your team.

What is the VIP Membership?

Membership includes access to all 8 fields and unlimited air for four consecutive weekends, and will have special price in paintballs.